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Next generation subtitling

Subtitling in the Cloud. Easy to use, web-enabled, subtitle from any location.

Benefit from the latest technologies and solutions to increase your subtitling & planning efficiency.

It is named eCaption.

Subtitling, automated

Editors work faster with eCaption

Editors work 50% faster with OptiSpeech

Powerful indexation & archiving solutions

Quality search in audio and video data or video archives with our powerful indexation data exports and solutions. Create error free and exact timed indexation data based on provided audio or video files or use data mining to index your video archives.
We offer up to 99% accuracy preventing false hits on search queries and offer complete solutions for indexation, search, data mining and storage.

Powerful indextion


OptiSpeech offers additional services like:
► Support (up to 24/7)
► Helpdesk
► Implementation & Integration services
► Consultancy
► Training
New users get up to speed quickly with our Faststart packages.


For more information about our services, please contact us.



Our solutions are easy to use.

However, to make use of all the available features and potential we offer training courses for Editors and Managing Editors.

Training is offered as one or two half-day sessions and can be provided on-site at your location as well as at our training facilities.

For more information about training possibilities, please contact us.